The Mesoamerican Biodiversity-Friendly

Cacao Award will achieve the following


The jury will be comprised of invited experts
from different countries, including the countries
that form part of the Mesoamerican
Biological Corredor.
The jury will have
the following

The jury members will have the opportunity to participate in one of the evaluation panels, where they evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of:

Cacao almonds, cacao liquor and chocolate made from the samples of submitted cacao.

The jury´s verdict of each panel will be indisputable.

The evaluation panels will be accompanied and supervized by an auditor that is autonomous and independent of the Award.

1. The contest will give all the participants a report about the results of evaluation of their cocoa for each phase in which it has participated, the results of which will be offer an appreciation of their product.
2. The contact information of all the participants will be published on an online platform.
3. The contest will recognize the best Mesoamerican cacaos.

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