The Mesoamerican Biodiversity-Friendly

Cacao Award aims to achieve the following:

The panel of judges is made up of a group of experts representing a wide range of institutions and organizations involved in the production and research of cacao. The experts originate from 14 countries, many of which are in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.
The panel
of judges is
made up of:

Each judge will participate in one of two evaluation panels, where they will evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of:

Cacao almonds, cacao liquor and chocolate made from the samples of submitted cacao

Each evaluation panel will be supervised by an independent auditor, and their verdicts will be indisputable

1. As a means of ensuring feedback between the contest and its participants, each producer will be provided with a summary of the detailed sensory evaluation of their cacao.
2. The contact information of all participants will be published on an online platform.
3. “The contest will identify the best Mesoamerican cacao produced using biodiversity-friendly practices.

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